A Few Of The Best Reasons To Be Drug And Alcohol Free

Drugs and alcohol are both things which are highly addictive, and in most people’s eyes, they are also highly dangerous as well. Whilst there are many types of alcohol and drug, the general consensus is that the majority of them are bad, and that life in general would be much better off without them. One of the main reasons why they get such negative press is because they can lead to addiction, which can shatter lives. They also prevent countless other dangers and drawbacks as well, so it’s no wonder why there are so many people choosing to go straight edge and to go completely drug and alcohol free. Here are 4 of the best reasons to be drug and alcohol free.

You’ll look better

People that drink a lot of alcohol and/or use drugs, whether due to addiction or for recreational purposes, generally look a great deal unhealthier and older than they should. Alcohol abuse, and any other substance abuse, can literally add decades to your appearance, and can make you look unattractive. This can damage your self esteem, which could drive you even further into the clutches of drink and/or drugs. By cutting them out of your life, you will look healthier, your skin will look younger, and you will have a healthy aura about you.

You won’t risk addiction

One of the main reasons why drink and alcohol addiction problems are so common is because those that are addicted, started out virtually certain that they would never become addicted and could stop using said substances whenever they liked. As you might expect, they were wrong and soon found themselves addicted, and going through an awful, and truly unnecessary battle. If you’re worried this could happen to you, why not prevent the problem before it occurs? By never touching drugs or alcohol, you obviously will not become addicted, which is a huge bonus.


You’ll be healthier

Alcohol and drug use, and substance abuse, can damage your health in numerous ways, even if you use in moderation. Your organs will be damaged, your mental health will suffer, your metabolism will be suppressed so you will gain weight and find it hard to lose it, and your immune system will take a battering, making you more susceptible to other forms of illness and disease. Alcohol and drugs are both toxic, so you are literally poisoning your body when you consume them. By cutting them out of your life, you will be a great deal fitter and healthier.


Your personal life will be so much better

By never touching drugs or alcohol, your personal life will also become a million times better because you won’t put unnecessary strain on your relationship with friends and family, plus you won’t risk exhibiting unruly behaviour if you were to get drunk or high. People that drink alcohol generally become aggressive and spiteful when drunk, so you may say or do something truly awful to somebody you care about, whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. By never using these substances, this scenario never becomes a possibility.

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