Common Mistakes that Most Beauty Salon Owners Make

If you plan on opening a beauty salon, you need to plan for success from the start. These types of businesses are pretty straightforward, but there are some mistakes that can cost you a lot of time and money. However, don’t let fear of failure stop you from opening the business that you always dreamed off. Everybody makes mistakes when running a business, and the most valuable lessons will only be learned in time. Nonetheless, to maximize your chances for success, we have gathered some common mistakes that most salon owners made in the beginnings of their careers.

1. Not investing in marketing

This is a common mistake that most owners of local businesses make. It is important to understand that just because your business is located in a crowded area, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will attract people. Marketing will require some time and money that a new business may not afford, but it is essential in order to get the right return of investment. The easiest thing you can do is to offer a special discount for new customers. You can advertise it on your shopfront, on flyers that you can give to passersby, but also on the internet. Online marketing is a powerful tool for small businesses, and it is a great source of free advertising.

2. Underestimating hygiene

This is a critical mistake that can cost you a lot of money. First of all, not following hygiene requirements can get you a nasty fine. Secondly, if your clients end up with any health problems, it will ruin your reputation forever. So, make sure to sanitize all your metal instruments in a professional sterilizer. Moreover, avoid pedicure chairs with whirlpools and internal pipe systems. While you can sanitize the foot basin, bacteria can still develop in the internal pipes and resurface when you use the whirlpool. To avoid this problem, opt for the JA USA pipe-less pedicure chairs. JA USA is one of the most reputable spa equipment manufacturers, and their state of the art pedicure chairs have sleek designs and modern massage systems.

3. Underestimating the importance of comfort and design

When women go to a beauty salon, they expect to be pampered and to let their worries melt away. No matter how good your nail technicians are, your customers won’t experience that spa vibe, unless you invest in your salon’s design and comfort. So, opt for a modern or a Zen-inspired interior design and make sure to invest in comfortable pedicure chairs. A pedicure chair with an integrated massage system might cost more, but this is exactly the kind of detail that can make the difference between you and your competition.

4. Hiring over-experience technicians and paying them too much

When you are new in this business, you may be under the impression that the factors that will most influence your success are the skills of your technicians. Well, the truth is that clients can’t really tell the difference between a good and an overly qualified technician. As long as they are treated nice and their hair and nails look good, your clients will be satisfied with your salon. If you think that a technician with a lot of experience will also come with their own clientele, you are also wrong. First of all, people tend to go to businesses that are convenient for them, so you are more likely to get clients that live and work nearby, than to get the clientele of your technicians. Moreover, if your technicians are very qualified, they might do freelance work at home, and could even steal some of your existing clients. It is far better to hire people with decent experience, and to train them according to the values and the standards of your business.

Not paying attention to your employees

If you only manage a salon and you don’t actively work there, it will be very hard to build good relationships with your employees. However, it is very important to check with them regularly. Their opinions on how the business is run can be very useful. Moreover, finding qualified and responsible employees can be hard, so once you do find them, make sure they feel valued and that they are happy with their work.   

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