Health Benefits of Arginine

Health Benefits of Arginine

Arginine (l-arginine) is a powerful heart-related drug that contains semi-essential amino acid, which is produced in our bodies in moderate amounts.   Arginine helps to enhancement your body fitness through ever-increasing blood circulation through the increase of nitric oxide in the human body. There are several potent drugs to mitigate health issues. But some specific nutrients may be beneficial too. Take arginine, for example, Arginine has gained much awareness lately for its possible heart benefits. As a natural nutritional supplement, arginine has been applauded for its potential heart benefits.

Some of the benefits of arginine to help the human body perform at its peak and perform effectively include:

  • One of the major benefits of I – arginine in the human body is to help the liver process the body nutrients.
  •  Arginine also helps in increasing your overall circulation by increasing nitric oxide in the body, and nitric oxide is a strong neurotransmitter that calms blood vessels and also boosts circulation.
  • Arginine also helps in relaxation and dilation of the blood vessel due to the nitric oxide.
  • Arginine helps in skin detox and clean-up.
  •  It also helps in the mobility of the joints and tendons so as to keep the muscles fresh and healthy.
  • Arginine helps in male fertility development, vivacity and also helps with erectile dysfunction.
  • Arginine also is effective in improving the function of the immune system.
  •  More so, Arginine (I – arginine) helps in regulating the hormones and blood sugar levels.
  • Arginine also helps in healing of wound faster.
  •  Arginine also helps the kidneys to eliminate watse.
  • It also helps to dilate and relaxes the arteries.
  • Arginine also helps to reduce chest pain or angina, and coronary artery disease.

Interestingly I – arginine supplement is not an ideal way to increase the absorption and use of arginine in the human body since the human body can build up its own arginine naturally and arginine can also be built through consumption of arginine-rich foods which are abundant and readily available around us.

Some Arginine (I – arginine) rich foods include

  • Grains
  •  Poultry ( e.g chicken and beef)
  •  Red meat
  • Wheat Grain
  • Dairy products
  •  Nuts and seeds.

Due to the abundance of arginine-rich food around, issues of deficiencies of arginine are mostly rare in occurrence.

Some clinical studies (Not conclusive) show that arginine has some possible but minor side effects which include:

  • Abdominal pain and bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Gout

In conclusion, the benefits of arginine cannot be overemphasized; Arginine may collaborate with specific prescriptions that lower circulatory strain. It might likewise communicate with certain heart meds, for example, Viagra that treat erectile brokenness. Nonetheless, scientific experts and researchers are not able to make any solid recommendations. Therefore before taking an additional supplement to boost the naturally produced arginine in your body, most especially pregnant women and women who are nursing a baby, please consult your doctor to discuss the inherent health benefits and risk.

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