Oxy Bump Nasal Spray Review

In stopping by Target recently, I had found a product called Oxy Bump that had been on sale. I decided to buy the blue since I was looking for a general overall product I can carry in my purse. The packaging was overall attractive and the irony in the name caught my attention.

What is Oxy Bump?

Based on first impression and where I had found the product (in the natural aisle), it is suppose to appear as a healthier version of a nasal spray that handles congestion. The packaging sells the idea that it is infused with oxygen so that it is different than the average saline nasal spray. Oxygen generally comes to mind with benefits as people now-a-days are using those crazy looking exercise masks that help with your oxygen consumption or something like that. Oxygen bars in the 90s were also pretty popular is keeping folks relaxed.

Trying The Product

Figuring out the contraption was a bit different than the regular nasal spray setup. The cap is a bit camouflage within the bottom piece and so I was not sure if I had to twist or pop. Took a quick minute but had figured out you had to pop the top. Following the instructions, I removed the white piece that blocks the spray to work, similar to a product seal.

I finally sprayed it 2 times within each nostril. Sensation.. It was not too salty like other saline sprays. I was a tad congested from work but it worked fine in clearing both nostrils with the spray.

Overall Thoughts

I am not sure how it will do with heavy congestions, but I guess we will only know when it comes that time. Overall, the price point was fine, the liquid quantity it comes with it is fairly small but we will have to see how long it lasts using the product on a regular basis. I do like the formula without the heavy medication like the other sprays as I do see many of my friends quite addicted to the others.

Not too bad for a product. I have checked a few other reviews, some are really good reviews other are really bad. There are also those internet users that have a passion against homeopathy which I guess is their opinion based on their experience. Overall in my book, there’s homeopathy methods that have worked for me and others that haven’t. This is a commercialized product, so standards and studies conducted are a bit more stringent for it to be sold in big box stores such as Target. Yes medicated anything will be much stronger than without traditional medicines, however usually comes the side effects. Please weigh the pros versus cons when choosing any product for your overall health as every situation varies.

If you have tried the product, what are your thoughts?

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