Health Coach Certifications

The Top 3 Authentic Health Coach Certifications to Choose

Health coaching business has become quite popular in the recent years, and people are keen to step into this profession.  However, this profession has its own set of challenges. You need to have background information about wellness and fitness if you want to make your mark in the health coaching business. The best way to acquire this information is through health certifications. When you are a certified health coach, then it truly increases the hiring potential, and there are greater chances that you will be able to get your hands on a good job soon enough.

 The Best Health Coach Certifications

The following are the best health coach certifications that can add up to your resume. You can even visit different health coach websites, and they can offer you insight about different health coach certifications.

  • Duke Integrated Medicine: This certification requires that you first complete the foundation course at Duke Integrated Medicine. The program comprises of various modules. The students tend to get a break between the modules so that they can get a chance to practice their skills. Every module has about 30 classroom hours. The learning is mostly through conference calls and online presentations.

To qualify for this certification, you need to have a degree in nursing, physiotherapy or medicine. This course usually requires about four months for completion.


  • American Council on Exercise: This certification is primarily geared towards fitness professionals and healthcare providers. The ACE Certification help in expanding the career opportunities for those people who wish to integrate health strategies in their life. You can either opt to buy the exam voucher for this program, and you can opt for the self-study packages as well. The Premium Package offers the online Curriculum, and the Standard Package offers weekly email courses.

The best part about this certification is that you can easily prepare for it right at home, and you can get tested at one of the 500 testing locations.  This certification requires you to be at least 18 years of age. You need to have CPR certificate and an associate degree if you want to opt for this certification.

  • National Society of Health Coaches: This certification is meant for licensed healthcare professionals. When you buy this self-study program, then you can get access to all the essential materials for the program. The program includes the online skill practice as well. You can find significant material on testing and skill competency as well. You need about 70 hours to complete this program. When you have completed the program, then you can opt for an online test within 12 months of program completion.

You need to opt for these certifications if you want to increase your credibility as a health coach. You can mention your certification on your health coach websites, and this will help to establish the client’s trust. Take your first step towards becoming a successful health coach by choosing one of the suitable certifications mentioned above and you will just not have any regrets at all if you decide to make this choice.

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